Friday, August 31, 2012

KX-T7885 Setup and Installation

The first thing you need to do when setting up your KX-T7885 phone is to make sure that the transmitting base and the handset are a matching set.  This is especially important if you've bought a used phone.  In order to do that, look on the bottom of the base for a white sticker with a 5-digit combination of numbers and letters. An example of these letters would be "288D8" (this is different from the sticker with the bar code and model number). After you find that sticker on the base, please check the handset for a matching set of numbers/letters by removing the battery from the handset where you should find two similar white stickers on the inside of the phone. One of those stickers should match the base unit, and if it does you are ready to proceed to the next step.

Connect the phone’s charging cradle and base to their respective power supply and plug them into a power outlet. Place handset in the cradle and ensure that the light is illuminated. The handset will need to charge for several hours in the charging cradle before it will be fully ready for use. After it charges, turn the handset on (the switch is on the right side of the phone) and make sure it links to the base by pressing the "Locator" button on the base. Once the phone starts beeping, you will need to press the button on the base again in order to stop the paging.

Hook up the CO-line to the base station to get dial tone. In order to get dial tone, you need to determine whether you'll be using the phone in SLT Mode(Single line telephone) or EMSS Mode. If your phone is not part of a larger Panasonic PBX system, commonly found in offices, you'll want SLT mode which involves plugging the cord from the base unit directly into the wall. If on the other hand you have a control unit (PBX system like KX-TA624), you'll need EMSS Mode.

 Now that you've determined what mode you'll need, locate the "Connection Mode" switch on the side of the base.  Make sure it is in the appropriate position and connect the phone cord from your control unit into the base, and you should be good to go.


  1. what do you do if they don't match?

    1. just adding a comment to get a notify

    2. The units must match. They will not be compatible if they do not. The handset and the base are sold together

  2. Is there no way to get them to work together? My handset died and (after being told it couldn't be fixed) I bought a replacement on eBay. They don't match. Do I just have to throw the whole lot in the garbage?

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