Friday, September 7, 2012

How to Setup a Polycom Conference Phone Illustrations by Elizabeth G.

When we first started testing Polycom conference phones, we were blown away by the sound quality. It sounds like the person on the other line is actually in the room with you! During a family reunion recently, we brought this phone so that we could connect with other members that couldn't be there.  Those who were hard of hearing had no trouble hearing on this phone.  This makes it a great solution for the hearing impaired!  Most people who would use the Polycom conference phone at home may have limited technical knowledge, so that's why we've simplified the installation instructions.

This tutorial is applicable for the following models (you can access our store by clicking any model you desire):
SoundStation P/N: 2201-03308-001
SoundStation EX P/N: 2201-03309-001 or 2200-01423-001
SoundStation2 P/N: 2201-16020-001 or 2201-16020-601
SoundSation2 Non-Display P/N: 2201-15100-601, 2201-15100-001
SoundStation2 EX P/N: 2201-16200-601, 2201-16200-001
VoiceStation 100 P/N: 2201-06846-001, 2200-06846-001
VoiceStation 300 P/N: 2201-17910-001, 2200-17910-001

Step 1.  Plug one end of the power cord (the thicker and larger one) into the power source jack marked with a triangle. Plug the other end of the power cord under the back leg of the phone.

Step 2.  Plug the phone cord into the power source jack marked with a rectangle. Then, plug the other end into the phone jack in the wall.

Step 3.  Plug the power source into the wall. You are all set!

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