Friday, October 19, 2012

How to Register a KX-TGA400B Wireless Handsets to the KX-TG4000B

 Also for the KX-TGA200B Handsets and KX-TG2000B Base Phone

When you receive error message "Invalid. Please register to the base unit" on your wireless handset, you have not registered your KX-TGA400B cordless phone to the base.  When you don't register your KX-TGA400B wireless handset, it won't work. When your wireless handset doesn't work, you'll be obliged to ask the secretary, Bertha, to use her base phone. When you enter Bertha's office she'll wink and blow a kiss to you, which always creates an awkward moment.  When there's an awkward moment, you feel obliged to wink back.  When you wink back, Bertha gets the wrong impression.  When Bertha gets the wrong impression, she makes wedding plans. You can see where this is going... Don't let Bertha make your wedding plans.  Register your handset.*

Step 1. Make sure the base has slots available for registering. The dashes represent slots available.  If numbers 1 through 8 all appear on the screen you will have to make some slots available by deregistering. See How to De-register a KX-TGA4000B Desk Phone-Not Available

Step 2. Power on the handset that you're interested in registering and make sure there's not a number in the upper right hand corner. If there is a number, this handset has already been registered and you will have to deregister it.  See How to Deregister a KX-TGA400B Cordless Handset-Not Available 

Step 3. Hold the handset next to the base.  Click "Function" on the KX-TG4000B. Scroll up twice to "Registration." Click the right arrow button.  Scroll down to "HS Registration" and click the right button one more time to start registration from the base.  You now have 60 seconds to register the handset.

Step 4. Complete registration on the KX-TG400B handset. Press the “Function” button click up two times to "Registration" and press the right arrow. Press the right arrow one more time, which is HS Registration.  Wait a few seconds and you'll hear a beep. Press clear. You should see a number in brackets on the upper right hand corner of the screen ie [1]. Now you're ready to go!